February 2010 - I have been asked to teach more workshops at GAFFTA! More Soft Circuit Workshops will be held in upcoming months (including an advanced workshop in the summer...) Details on the upcoming workshop on March 27 can be found here.

February 2010 - I have been invited to display The Soft Electric and the Sessile Handbag at the Exploratorium as part of Open Make, a program in collaboration with Make Magazine and Pixar to inspire young makers! I will be at the Exploratorium on February 27. More details here.

January 2010 - It's official! I will be teaching an introductory course in soft circuitry at the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts! The class will be on Saturdays from 12-4 from January 23 - February 6. More details here.

December 2009 - The Soft Electric will be on display at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts as part of Broadcast: Archetype Boutique Preview!

July 2006 - The Soft Electric is now on display at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, located at 721 Broadway, 4th Floor. It will be there until the winter.

June 2006 - The Soft Electric is back from Pisa safe and sound! It was displayed at the Future Fashion Event, hosted by Cute Circuit and Codice-Idee at Viaggio Telecom 2006 in Pisa, Italy. For more information on the show, visit Cute Circuit's official site for the event.


This thesis explores current aesthetics of wearable technology. A precept of design is that form follows function. The more emphasis placed on the technological functionality of a wearable, the more the form of the garment caters to that function. As an exploration, I've focused the function of my wearable solely on adornment.

The capelet was knitted and felted by hand. It is embroidered with conductive thread. The thread carries electric current to LEDs that are beaded into the embroidery, making the electronic current part of the garment's adornment. The LED beads flicker, acting like a sequin in the light.


For front click here
For back click here


The capelet is powered by a 3V coin cell battery and 1" x 3" circuit board located on the back of the piece.

The LEDs PWM two at a time. Here is the code (thank you, Todd!


Born in Seattle Washington, Grace Kim is a designer based in San Francisco. Her work has been displayed at the Future Fashion Event, at Viaggio Telecom in Pisa, Italy and the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (GAFFTA) in San Francisco. She is currently an instructor at GAFFTA in soft circuitry. She holds a BA from Northwestern University and an MPS from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU.


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See my flickr tutorial on How to make an LED Bead

front, unlit

back, unlit

front, lit

back, lit